September 2018:

Drew had a magical week of residency at Tofte Lake Center in Ely, MN, where he worked in equal parts on his VR/play Muzzle Tough and post-grad school serenity.

June 2018:

Drew spent an incredible week at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, NM, observing their creative process and holding a developmental reading of his new virtual reality/theater piece Muzzle Tough.

May 2018:

Drew will be a Core Apprentice at the Playwrights' Center in Minneapolis, MN, for the 2018-19 season.

May 2018:

Drew was named a finalist for SPACE on Ryder Farm's 2018 Working Farm residency.

April 2018:

Drew's play Loverboy received a preview production at UT Austin as part of the UT New Theatre (UTNT) showcase. It was directed by Jess Shoemaker with set design by Zoe Andersen, costume design by Jessi Rose Lowerre, and lighting design by Mercedes McCleary.

July 2017:

Drew participated in the MFA Playwrights' Workshop at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., developing his play Alter with director Freddie Ashley and dramaturg Kelly Miller.

June 2017:

Drew's play Al-Halqa (is that how it's pronounced) received a developmental reading at the Roundabout Theatre Company, New York, NY, directed by Whitney White.

May 2017:

FinalCon, an immersive theatrical/installation art piece Drew created in collaboration with Ink TankThe Museum of Human Achievement, Dys/Mem, and Gwar, was nominated for an Austin Critics Table Award in the Independent Project category.

May 2016:

A workshop production of Drew's play Al-Halqa (is that how it’s pronounced) was staged at UT Austin, directed by Sam Provenzano, designed by Kelsey Vidic.

February 2016:

The Magic Lasso, an original melodrama monologue Drew wrote -- with music composed by Elizabeth Comninellis -- was performed at UT Austin’s Butler School of Music.