Interactive Media


Casey is an interactive, branching-choice VR script. You – the viewer – are a figurine-sized, immobile ‘being’ that is discovered by a seven-year old girl named Casey, in the empty attic of her new home. She vows to keep you safe, and thus to keep you a secret. You become linked to her memory, and her decision-making processes, and through the choices you make you play a role in how her personality develops -- from elementary school into her teenage years. She takes you with to her climactic final day of high school, which leads to saying goodbye when Casey inevitably leaves her childhood home. You encounter Casey one last time – when she is an adult, packing up the recently-sold house – before meeting the next child that discovers you.

Casey uses a reticle (an image that is “tied” to the direct center of wherever you’re casting your gaze, within your headset) in service of ‘building’ the internal life of the character of Casey. At the end of most of the experience’s scenes, two or more ‘options’ will be presented to the viewer in the form of looped segments from earlier in that scene; the ‘choice’ the viewer makes is the section of that scene that Casey will ‘absorb’ into her personality, and thus affect her future trajectory. The reticle – in the shape of Casey’s eye – appears at these choice-points, and the direction we cast our gaze becomes a double of how Casey views herself and her own experience.

Map of branching-choice possibilities in 'Casey'